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The Joy of Work | Daisley, Bruce

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Lange Beschreibung
'Bruce Daisley is on a mission to change the world of work.' The Times

From the creator of hit podcast Eat Sleep Work Repeat comes a revolutionary re-envisioning of how to enjoy your job.

Do you want to get more done, feel less stressed and love your job again?

Sometimes having a job can feel like hard work. But between Monk Mode mornings, silent meetings and crisp Thursdays, the solutions are at your fingertips.

Bruce Daisley knows a thing or two about the workplace. In the course of a career that has taken him from some of the world's biggest media companies to Twitter, via Google and YouTube, he has become a leading expert on how we work now. And in his hugely popular podcast Eat Sleep Work Repeat, he has explored ways to fix it. Now he shares 30 brilliant - and refreshingly simple - tips on how to make your job more productive, more rewarding - and much, much more enjoyable.
'With just 30 changes, you can transform your work experience from bland and boring (or worse) to fulfilling, fun, and even joyful.' Daniel Pink, author of When and Drive

__________________________'This is a warm, wise and funny book which provides a terrific summary of some of the science - and stories - behind what makes work a positive part of people's lives. From the importance of lunch to the value of laughter, this book gives witty and practical advice. I loved it and I've already started changing some of the things I do at work, as a result!' - Professor Sophie Scott'Don't quit yet! In this book, Bruce shares remarkable advice that may well have you laughing while you work and truly loving your job.' - Biz Stone, Twitter co-founder'Bruce Daisley's The Joy of Work is a joy to read. It translates the best of workplace psychology research into practical ways of establishing creative and liveable cultures at work-a must read for all of us 9-5ers!' - Professor Sir Cary Cooper, ALLIANCE Manchester Business School, University of Manchester'Bruce's The Joy of Work is an important reminder of simple everyday practices to improve how we all work together, which will lead to greater team and individual happiness and performance. Great results will follow.' - Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square'With just 30 changes, you can transform your work experience from bland and boring (or worse) to fulfilling, fun, and even joyful. Bruce Daisley has pulled together threads of research and woven them into a tapestry of strategies that actually work, and that don't depend on the CEO's sign-off for implementation. You can begin changing your work culture today at the individual, team, and organisational levels with these tactics that increase creativity, productivity, and satisfaction.' - Daniel Pink, author of WHEN and DRIVE

Bruce Daisley is on a mission to change the world of work and help ordinary people to kick their addiction to digital communication. His thesis is attractive and compelling: rather than free us up, new technology is tying us to our devices and desks and raising stress and unhappiness at work with no discernible increase in productivity . . . Daisley may be the man to lead the pushback. The Times

  • Info: B-Format
  • Einband: Kartoniert / Broschiert
  • Autoren: Daisley, Bruce
  • Sprache: englisch
  • Seitenanzahl: 320
  • Schlagworte: Arbeit, Arbeitswelt, Arbeitszufriedenheit, Sunday Times Business Bestseller
  • Verlag: Random House UK
  • EAN: 9781847942395

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